Can I remove inactive games? Delete Games? Block Users?

The system will delete random games after 7 days and other games after 11.

When it's not your turn and you would like to remove a game from your game list you can select "Remove Game" from the game menu.   When your are viewing a game board the game menu is in the top right corner.  You will no longer see the removed game on your list after selecting remove game.  However if the player does make a turn before the auto resign time period is reached it will come back on your list.    You can resign a game when its your turn and that will end the game but it does count as a loss.

The max is active games for your list is 40. Removed games don't count against the limit unless they come back when the other player plays their turn. Other players can also start games with you even when you are over the limit. However we caution people that we only have the limit at 40 because performance and stability on your device can be a problem if you have too many on the list. So if you remove games to start more games be careful about getting too many games going.

In iOS version:
Some people do play with 2 chum characters and have one in the Free version of the app and one in the Paid version.You may also Block a player from starting future games with you or chatting to you.  Tap their chum in the game screen and swipe up on the Stats screen to see the "Block" button.  You can also block them by tapping their name in your leader board on the main screen.  Swipe up on the stats screen there to see block button.  Games that are removed will not count in stats until they are auto resigned but when they do the person who did not play gets a loss and the other a win.

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