Looking For Players? Post to Word Chums Facebook page

 You hopefully found the twitter and facebook shout outs on the main screen which are a great way to help us increase the pool of players.  You can also invite your friends directly when in the New Game process or scroll to the bottom of your Friend list and invite facebook friends and contacts there.  To find other active players you can search for #wordchums on twitter (make sure select find "all" when you do your search).  Get their user name and start a game.

We'd also like to open our Facebook Word Chums page to people looking for active players.    Feel free to post your user name and skill level (Beginner, Intermendiate, Advanced)

I put the link here but you can also search for Word Chums on Facebook.   http://on.fb.me/Rp9hQf

Of course we'd love for you to Like the page as well to help get the word out.


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