Turn Based Game - Why do I wait so long?

Word Chums is a turn based game designed to be played with with another person.   The plus side of this is each person can take their turn whenever they have time.  You don't have to commit a block of time to sit and finish a game with someone.   For this reason it may be a day or two before your friend has time to get to their turn.  

It is also possible to play someone real time if they are playing at the same time as you.  We find that people often do this by chatting to the other player and seeing if they can play several turns in a row or even finish a game.   You can see when people are online with the eyeglasses and this is often a good time to see if they have time to play more turns.   However many people do play the game in 5 minute intervals in the day as they are doing other things and can't commit a block of time.

For this reason many people start lots of games with many different people so they often have several turns to play. 

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