Game Crashes, Ends

We have not had reports of any consistent crashes but sometimes people do have cases where Word Chums just stops and goes back to main screen or freezes.   It may be a problem with our app but sometimes is a problem with the device.

Try a "soft" reset of your device. Hold down the top button and front button until it powers off (Do not slide to poweroff...let it shut down on its own). Turn it on again and see if anything changes. This reset does not remove or change any data on your device. Its like turning your PC off and on to reset.

If that does not work.... delete your Word Chums app and reinstall it from the app store. All of your data is on our server so it is safe to delete.   You can log back in with your email or Facebook account you used to set up your Chum account.   This will make sure the Word Chums data is not corrupted.

If you are still having problems send us a support message and we will sort it out.

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