Chumbot Tickets and supporting the game

Chumbot games cost tickets to play. You start with a bunch but more can be bought in the store. Chumbot play is unlimited/no cost in the paid version. Its a tough balance we are juggling in the game. We have great feedback on the game but so far not enough people are paying for things to cover running/operating the game, much less covering the 100s of thousands spent creating it. So we need a balance that lets people have fun playing but at some point if they really love it then its worth a few dollars. (Ads dont make much money these days and only make money for us when people click on the ad AND install and open the app the ad was for..nothing is paid for just showing them) When an app has millions of users the money for advertising adds up and can provide good revenue for the game maker but we are still a ways off from that.  We also added the free coins option for those who would rather complete some offer than spend money. 

You contribute to the support of Word Chums when:
1. You buy the paid version
2. You buy coins
3. You click on an ad, install the app and then open the app
4. You complete offers in the Free Coins area
5. Invite friends to download the game

Probably more info than you needed but we are trying to get the word out on this. Games are fun and a lot of time and passion has been put into this one.  We hope you are enjoying the game!

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