Beat the hint? How the hint works

The hints are actually pretty easy to beat depending on when you ask for it. The hint is always at least a green point word (The point badge turns green when your word is at least half the max points). However if you have found some words first then the hint word will be for bigger points. The simple thought is the hint points will usually be at least 30-50% better than what you’ve already found. If you have found a word that is 75% of the best word then the hint will be for the best word on the board.

This may be more detail than most want but here is an example of the actual calculation:

The minimum points for the hint word will be halfway between the best word you have placed on the board in your turn and the best word.

Let's say the best word on the board is worth 100 points. If I take my hint right away with out finding any words the hint word will be 50 points or better (half way between 0 and 100). Its 50 points “or better” because it has to find the next word past the “hint minimum” of 50.

If I first found a word worth 30 and then get a hint the “hint minimum” will be 65.

If I have found a word worth 50 and do the hint then “hint minimum” will be 75. There are usually fewer large point words so its not uncommon in this case that even though the hint minimum is 75 the hint word might be 80,90… even the best word at 100.

If I if find a word that is 75% or better of the best word (75 points in this case) then the hint will always be for the best word.

Understanding why the point badge turns green and how to maximize hints can really boost your score. 

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