Current Common Fixes

Here is a quick list of fixes for the most common problems being reported:

Free Coins Videos Stuck or Access Denied:
We are investigating the issue now.   It seems to be coming up after the video inventory for the day is empty.  We hope to have a solution soon.  In the meantime see if it happens again the next day.

I sent a gift and they did not receive it:
I don't see the new gear:
You need to be on the latest version of Word Chums to see or receive the latest gear.  If you sent a gift to someone they may have missed the notice to update to get their gift.   Once they have updated they can tap their chum and then click the Inventory tab. You can click on any item (theme or gear) in inventory to change to that item. 

Video Ads are driving me crazy!:

I purchased coins and they have not shown up:
Try playing a word in any game.  This will force a balance update from our servers.  

I am having issues with Videos for Coins:

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