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  1. Beat the hint? How the hint works

  2. Bingos (Letters played bonus)

  3. Blue Ribbon

  4. Can I remove inactive games? Delete Games? Block Users?

  5. Change or remove a theme

  6. Change user name

  7. Changing your Chum/Character/Portrait

  8. Chat bar iOS8

  9. Chumbot has letters that I don't

  10. Chumbot Tickets and supporting the game

  11. Crashing on old version of iOS

  12. Current Common Fixes

  13. December Gear and Gifts

  14. Decline a game, Choose not to play

  15. Different App Stores

  16. End game and how ties are broken

  17. End Game Rules

  18. Experience points (XP)

  19. Facebook connection and pictures

  20. Game Crashes, Ends

  21. Game Freeze, Freezing

  22. Game stuck, locked up

  23. Gifts

  24. How to block a player

  25. I Receive A 'Package File Is Invalid' Error When Installing Or Upgrading Word Chums For Android. How Can I Fix This?

  26. Invalid hint

  27. Kindle update frozen, stuck

  28. Letter Count/Distribution

  29. Looking For Players? Post to Word Chums Facebook page

  30. Missing item?

  31. My friends say my chum is naked! My friend did not receive my gift

  32. News Update is stuck or frozen

  33. No offers showing

  34. No Sound

  35. Notification Sounds Stops OS 10

  36. Notifications stop with 10.0.2 update.

  37. Notify me of my turn

  38. Old iOS version

  39. Paid but still getting ads (iOS/Apple)

  40. Plus sign by my name

  41. Premium Starts and Best Word indicator

  42. Problem connecting to contacts

  43. Real Name displayed

  44. Remove Ads

  45. Send Screen Shot

  46. Stuck game, Logout

  47. Tapjoy Free Coins Offers

  48. Tile bag new

  49. Too Many Ads

  50. Trouble connecting to Facebook

  51. Turn Based Game - Why do I wait so long?

  52. Turn Notifications

  53. Two Accounts one device

  54. Using Proper Nouns in Word Chums

  55. Verify device, Support response, No Answer from us?

  56. Videos for coins

  57. What do the green and red dots mean?

  58. What is a Chumbot ticket?

  59. Where are my coins?

  60. Word Chums Player Etiquette and Speed of Play

  61. Word Definitions

  62. Word List Bounty

  63. Word of the Week, Game of the Week

  64. XP points are incorrect

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