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    Names of places, people, days of the week, etc. and generally any word that is always capitalized are not valid words in most word games. Abbreviations and contractions are also not valid.

    Aids and gigs are valid words. This usually occurs when multiple words are being formed. You can send a screenshot to if you wonder why a play is not valid.

    We try to closely match the Merriam-Webster’s Scrabble dictionary (link to it is below).

    The short answer is if you see a valid word played that is not found in the Websters Official Scrabble dictionary we will remove the word and we will give you 3,000 coins for finding it. You just need to verify it is not in the Scrabble list before sending it in.

    This is the link for Scrabble’s official list (They have access to an official Merriam-Websters Scrabble dictionary for definitions):


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