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    Thanks for the info. We will be adding it in a future update.
    We use a standard word list for validation called ENABLE2k. People and Chumbots use the exact same list..except some of the easier Chumbots can’t use parts of the list. It’s used by quite a few games and you can search on it if interested. However it only has words and not definitions. We look definitions up via a service called which does not have nearly as many definitions. In an upcoming update we are going to research many of the most unusual words and create a list of their definitions we can use in game. Scrabble’s list is copyrighted so we cannot copy it. The link for their list is below in case you are curious.

    If you would like to suggest words to add or delete just send us a support request.

    Thanks for playing…

    jojiieme commented  · 

    Why is it that my opponents can make a word but I can't play that word later?? Examples include zatar (a spice), aa, doxy, and a few others. I also can't play the names of musical notes: sol, fah, lah, ti, doh. Nor can I play standard two- and three-letter words which are used as letter names, or the names of foods, or plants and are often found in crosswords and newspapers. And sometimes a word I've previously played is no longer accepted (such as hoon and hooned which is a verb, past participle; and moxy/moxie, an informal noun for spunk or gumption or bravado).
    I've gone to the Wordnik site and the words I want are in the discussion fora, linked back to the head words, often without a proper meaning, or found in the definition of another word.

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